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A company that fosters creativity while promoting the growth of its people through self worth and collaboration, to maintain high customers satisfaction, and to be known for its quality products and services.

Artists and or musician that join Zyfex Music will have access to high quality recording and production, publishing, music releases, management, marketing, accounting and legal affairs.



Zyfex LLC was established in 2001 at Old Westbury, NY before relocating to Florida in 2002.

In addition to the traditional services we offer consulting services including but not limited to music publishing and marketing, ISRC code, barcode, setting up record label, and bringing the music to market, guiding you along the way from inception to final product.
With access to top of the line marketing research we will update you on current trends, and with a knowledgeable staff of MBAs give you recommendations based on various methods of forecasting. While there are many individual services out there, what we at Zyfex is offering is a unique concept of catering to independent as well as established artists needs by providing a one stop shop, thus allowing musicians and or artists to focus on their core business of being creative while we handle the quality control.

We value our clients and always strive to produce the best quality product possible. Our service here at ZYFEX is second to none!


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Masta Recka - a Zyfex Story

Recka was first discovered by one of New York’s hottest radio stations, Hot 97, during a college concert series at Old Westbury College. His electrifying style and energy captivated audiences. Soon, he was nicknamed what would become his artistic name, “Masta Recka,” a name symbolizing his unforgettable performances, which always “wrecked the house,” leaving fans screaming for more.

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Shine for life

Amazon iTunes Spotify Release date April 03, 2020 All online music stores.

‘Shine for Life’ has the perfect balance of tone and phrasing. This song is an excellent choice for programming directors, DJs, and fans looking for something they can relate to.

Mr. nice guy

Amazon iTunes Spotify Release date June 14, 2019 All online music stores.

‘Mr. Nice Guy,’ featuring a high energy dance-beat, as your opportunity to showcase Masta Recka latest fusion of pop reggae.

rewine amazon iTunes Spotify Released December 6, 2018 All online music stores @VP Records (CDs)

Masta Recka EP ‘Rewine’ creeps into the world as he masterfully crafted it, canny and unpredictable, his lyrical scheme wins over the hearts of now many true fans.

Do that to me

‘Do That to Me’ is organic and playful, the voice is mostly natural and the rhythm has an hypnotic appeal.  Get your copy of ‘Do That to Me’ and indulge in the fantasy.

Amazon iTunes Spotify


wake up
Wake up riddim (various artists)

One of Dancehall’s hottest riddims ‘Wake Up’ begun surfacing in late 2015, teasing fans with the song ‘Wake Up’ that the rhythm is subsequently named after. Artists: Stylysh, K. Melvino, & Masta Recka.

Amazon iTunes Spotify

Land a Paradise lyrics
land a paradise

‘Land A Paradise’ features the right blend of percussion, drums, and a riveting bass line. Paradise is for people of all ages, crossing genres, a song that captivates audience from start to finish with its crafty lyrical scheme. 

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Masta Recka Stylysh Melvin
Wake up Riddim
Land a Paradise
True Blaxxx
wine baby
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