Land a paradise



Land A Paradise Lyrics

My land a paradise my land a paradise
Living ma life and mi live it like twice
My land a paradise my land a paradise
Where the girls them ever looking nice

Verse 1
Tell mi a which party a rum di place
Bush to the bone glass pon mi face
Hot gal pon di endz what mi embrace
Pass mi a redstripe Hot or cold?
Chillin on de beach in beautiful Jamaica
Land of girls and ganga
Caribbean style and ma flava
Girls say Recka yuh have bad behavior

 Verse 2
On a boat sailing to the Bahamas
Get a call to meet more girls from St. Thomas
Hey! Barbados. Trinidad. Antigua
Grenada. Guyana. Dominica.
Masta Recka where you from?
Let mi emphasis.
I man from the island of Jamaica
Live in Miami land of Pitbull and Trina
With a Lamborghini from Missy Misdemeanor

Verse 3
Need a first lady to be my baby
Not as easy as picking Bimma or Mercedes
More beautiful than the Goddess of Percedes
A Halibery looking Miss Jamaica beauty
How about that girl with the hips and booty
Her friend with the thick lips she's a cutie
Girl you better move your body. Move it
Girl you better move your body. Move it

Genre: Reggae: Pop-Reggae
Release Date: 

Album Notes

Bringing back the nice to paradise, international artist Masta Recka does just that with his latest single ‘Land A Paradise’ which features the right blend of percussion, drums, and a riveting bass line. Paradise is for people of all ages, crossing genres, a song that captivates audience from start to finish with its crafty lyrical scheme. As for Masta Recka he points out creativity and quality as the key drivers for making ‘Paradise.’ One of his aspirations is to swing the music in a different direction while addressing the negativity currently plaguing dancehall. However he acknowledges the destiny of ‘Paradise’ lies in the hands of fans that are seeking new flavors. With rising uncertainties in our social environment, now more than ever we need to refocus our minds, to smile and dance again, to put our differences aside. Go ahead… indulge yourself in ‘Land A Paradise.’













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Land a Paradise lyrics
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