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Born Rupert Junior Green, on October 7, 1977, in Jamaica, Masta Recka created Zyfex Entertainment in 1996 before graduating High School in the Bronx. Dubbed the “Renaissance Man of Entertainment,” he is an author, producer, and a pop dancehall artist with an untamed voice. His song ‘Wake Up’ in 2015 injects a new vibe that helps to shift dancehall from the focus of violence and back to the ladies having fun. In 2016 Masta Recka followed up with ‘My Land a Paradise,’ promoting the beauty of the Caribbean, and ‘Do That to me,” the only reggae song in 2017 sitting atop the DRT Top 150 Chart in the United States and Canada.  With the release of ‘Rewine’ in late 2018, he is looking to secure his name in the music industry as an artist, songwriter, and producer.

Some of Masta Recka’s notable music productions: ‘Wine Suh’ by Stylysh, ‘She Wanna’  by True Blaxxx, ‘Diamonds Girl’ by SunGod, Wine Baby’ by KQrios, and several collaborations with Jeano Music. Novels written by him under the name R.J. Green:  ‘Tanny Anderson’ #6 best seller on Amazon in 2011, ‘Searching for the Enemies,’ and ‘Grey and Honies,’ and others.

In addition to a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from SUNY Old Westbury College in 2000, Masta Recka earned a Master in International Business at Florida Atlantic University in 2015. Hard work and integrity instilled from an early age while growing up in Jamaica, military experience abroad, being a scientist in a major pharmaceutical company, CEO of Zyfex Entertainment, his strong work ethic makes him somewhat of a Renaissance Man – producing music, videos, publishing, novels, screenplays, marketing, and a few movie projects in the pipeline  – but if ask he will tell you he enjoys doing what he loves, and that in return make his fans happy. “The road to success is a long journey with many ups and downs, staying humble is the key.” As always he thanks family, friends, and fans for the support over the years. A famous quote by Masta Recka: “If you gonna do bad, give them your best.” 


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Masta Recka EP ‘Rewine’ creeps into the world as he masterfully crafted it, canny and unpredictable, his lyrical scheme wins over the hearts of now many true fans.

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