Masta Recka

#ogg (only god greater)

Masta Recka's EP #2

#OGG is Masta Recka’s second EP set to be released November 19, 2021. Only God Greater is a fusion of reggae dancehall, Soca, afro, and hip-hop that reflects the endearing personality of an artist who champions quality and creativity. Blending old school with new and future school, he creates a style of music that is inclusive for all. Singing about ladies, partying, making money, friendship, struggles, Masta Recka’s lyrical schemes is often compared to the famous Dancehall Artist Vybz Kartel, Sean Paul, and hip-hop superstars Jay-Z and Drake. While acknowledging those are great icons, he gives credit to legendary female vocalist Twiggi for guidance in his final push to becoming the next international dancehall star. If creativity and quality are a part of your appeal, go ahead and get your copy of #OGG. Share Masta Recka with the world, just as he shares his soul with you.  #OGG


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Wine pon the lolu

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New Dancehall song. Purchase you copy now.

#Only God Greater

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Amazon iTunes Spotify Released October 7, 2020 All online music stores.

We all struggle, whether you are rich or poor, each circumstance is different, Alcohol, drugs, relationships, poverty, unjust situations.

Run the bumpa
Run the bumpa

Amazon iTunes Spotify Released August 7, 2020 All online music stores.

Take A Picture
take a picture

Amazon iTunes Spotify Release date Jan 15, 2021 All online music stores.

This song is an excellent choice for females looking to promote thier social media.

Shine For Life
Shine for life

Amazon iTunes Spotify Release date April 03, 2020 All online music stores.

‘Shine for Life’ has the perfect balance of tone and phrasing. This song is an excellent choice for programming directors, DJs, and fans looking for something they can relate to.

Mr. nice guy

Amazon iTunes Spotify Released June 14, 2019 All online music stores.

‘Mr. Nice Guy,’ featuring a high energy dance-beat, as your opportunity to showcase Masta Recka latest fusion of pop reggae.


amazon iTunes Spotify Released December 6, 2018 All online music stores @VP Records (CDs).


Do that to me

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‘Do That to Me’ is organic and playful, the voice is mostly natural and the rhythm has an hypnotic appeal.  

wake up
Wake up riddim (various artists)

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One of Dancehall’s hottest riddims. Artists: Stylysh, K. Melvino, & Masta Recka.

Land a Paradise lyrics
land a paradise

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‘Land A Paradise’ features the right blend of percussion, drums, and a riveting bass line.


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